Futurize Yourself - Book Talk and Mini-Workshop

Futurize Yourself

Tuesday, 25 June 2019 from 16:30-20:00

Author, osteopath and body-centred stress-coach 
Tom Meyers
, in cooperation with the 
and  welcome you to “ 
Futurize Yourself
” an empowering book talk and mini-workshop on how to stay resilient and thrive in a fast-changing world.
Tom will not only give an inspiring presentation, read passages from his book, answer questions, and sign books he will also during the mini-workshop share with you how to get a deeper and holistic understanding of your potential within. With this understanding — and with the book as your guide — you will be able to design a life you wake up to every morning with a smile on your face, feeling happy, fulfilled and ready for the future - regardless of how fast or how much the world changes.
A beverage and snacks will be served after the talk. 
For more information about Tom and his book go to http://www.futurizeyourself.com
Participation fee: € 25€*
* non-refundable: However, a signed copy of the book, the booklet, bookmarker and voucher will be sent to the participant when he/she notifies in advance and communicates an address.
The participation fee includes
✓ 1 signed copy of the book "Futurize Yourself" (value 17,99€)
✓ 1 bookmarker
✓ 1 booklet "Design & Reaset Your Life on purpose"
✓ PDF with extra material
✓ Beverage and snacks after the book talk and mini-workshop
✓ 15€ voucher for an osteopathy or Body-centred Stress Coaching consultation with Tom Meyers
    (valid 26/6/19 till 30/9/2019)
Registration via:  https://bit.ly/2ZHjbV8

Ik vond bij Tech.Lounge de ideale mix om succesvol te kunnen co-worken. Je hebt rustige plekjes om te gaan werken als je je volle concentratie nodig hebt, maar evengoed plaatsen waar altijd wel volk zit als je daar behoefte aan hebt. De faciliteiten, zoals vergaderzalen, opname-apparatuur voor green wall, koffiecorners, loungehoekjes zijn eigentijds en de Tech.Lounge ploeg staat altijd met de glimlach klaar om op je vragen te antwoorden. Een prettige werkomgeving in alle omstandigheden, zeker ook om met andere co-workers bijvoorbeeld eens te brainstormen over een issue waar je mee zit.

Eric Morren

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