Create your video in the Tech.Lounge recording studio

What can you use the recording studio for?

Do you need a video message for immediate use on social media? Are you looking for a space to record a speaker and his slides? Or do you have other video wishes, but no time or budget to hire a video crew?

In that case you can easily create your own video in our video recording studio. In just a few clicks and with a simple short step-by-step plan.

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How does the Tech.Lounge recording studio work?

You can create a recording in just a few steps using user-friendly high-tech equipment. Thanks to the green key wall, you choose the background yourself. For a presentation, you connect a laptop and determine where the slides will be shown. You use the microphone or headset in the studio and start the recording via the laptop of the studio itself. Once the recording is stopped (via studio laptop) you can immediately review the movie and adjust the start and end points. If you are not completely satisfied with the final result, you simply restart the registration until everything is perfect. With one click, you will then receive the final video in your own mailbox .

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As from € 300 per hour

Your benefits:

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An AV-specialist will help you to start up the video recording. Technical permanence is possible subject to payment of a supplement.

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immediately available

Thanks to the special studio equipment, you can immediately view the recording and (if necessary) remake it again until you have achieved the desired result.

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Green key wall

The green key wall provides a fully customizable background. Send us your images (including moving images) in advance.

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Low prices

The self-service equipment has a positive influence on your total expenses. After all, there is no need for an extra video crew.


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Working in the Tech.Lounge in Antwerp means meeting people, working in full concentration, being able to brainstorm creatively, all in one! We can work there in a private office, but colleagues often choose a flex desk in the coworking area. The Tech.Lounge is a nice and pleasant workplace, where it is fun to organise team meetings or creative brainstorming. The American diner is a spacious place, where you always spontaneously meet other coworkers!

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