Our lounge area & gaming zone provide space to relax

Space to relax and to hold informal conversations

Our coworking areas in Antwerp and Brussels also offer spaces to relax. The informal and cozy seating areas are furnished with comfortable seats, ideal for a chat with other coworkers. The TV corner with fireplace gives you a real feeling of home and the possibility to recharge your batteries.

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Ideal relaxation during or after a busy day of coworking

At Tech.Lounge, you can also alternate working with a well-deserved moment of billiards or gaming. Networking takes on a completely different dimension here. You would be amazed at how easy it is to make new contacts with other coworkers.

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Your benefits:

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Feel yourself
at home

The rooms make coworkers feel at home which positively influences their productivity.

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Space to

When you work hard, you also deserve time to relax and to recharge your batteries.

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Variety during
your working day

The coworking rooms are all very different and offer a great variety throughout your workday.


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The playful setting of the different areas is inspiring and provides a boost for your activities.


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Working in the Tech.Lounge in Antwerp means meeting people, working in full concentration, being able to brainstorm creatively, all in one! We can work there in a private office, but colleagues often choose a flex desk in the coworking area. The Tech.Lounge is a nice and pleasant workplace, where it is fun to organise team meetings or creative brainstorming. The American diner is a spacious place, where you always spontaneously meet other coworkers!

Robrecht Janssens

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