Classroom of the future, a very special meeting room!

What is a 'classroom of the future'?

Our classroom is located in Tech.Lounge Brussels is a place where tomorrow's learning takes shape. Training courses are organized using latest teaching methods and the most modern technological tools. Blended learning is an educational process that combines online digital media with traditional teaching methods. The area of 150 m² can be divided into a large learning zone and 4 smaller work zones equipped with digital learning tables.

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What can you use the classroom of the future for?

The classroom of the future is also a very pleasant meeting room for companies that do not yet wish to start up a blended learning programme. The informal and creative design is appreciated by every participant and it offers a great contrast to traditional meeting rooms. This means that also many other creative sessions can be held in the classroom or the future.

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As from € 600 per half day

Your benefits:

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Fully equipped
meeting room

The meeting room is fully equipped. All you have to do is plug in your laptop and you are ready to go.

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Informal & creative
room setup

The informal setting of the room encourages participants to be more creative and collaborative.

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Special learning
tables in the room

The learning tables look like giant I-pads and can be used for various purposes.

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Flexible use thanks to
special furniture

The room layout is flexible thanks to the chairs with wheels, the mobile partitions and the curtains.

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I found the ideal mix for successful co-working at Tech.Lounge. You have quiet places to work when you need full concentration, but also places where there are always people around when you need them. The facilities, such as meeting rooms, green wall recording equipment, coffee corners and lounge areas are contemporary and the Tech.Lounge team is always there to answer your questions with a smile on their faces!  A pleasant working environment in all circumstances, certainly also for brainstorming with other co-workers about an issue you are facing.

Eric Morren

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