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Discover the Brainstorm Arena at Tech.lounge Brussels

Want to organise your brainstorming sessions in Brussels easily? Take advantage of the unique digital experience of the Brainstorm Arena, which makes the use of paper completely superfluous. How does it work? As the organiser, you are in control of the brainstorming outline displayed on the large touch screen. For their part, participants connect to the software via a simple QR code or clickable link sent to their smartphones, tablets or laptops. Once connected, they can send their notes or any other visual elements to the screen. It is also possible to consult the internet or display a presentation directly on the screen, or even both at the same time. Structuring your ideas has never been easier. The result is increased productivity for your brainstorming session.

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How to book the brainstorming space?

Simply contact the BluePoint Brussels team and let them know the date, time and duration of your brainstorming session. For frequent use of the Brainstorm Arena, you will receive your own account and password for use of the digital platform. You can also add a catering option before or after your brainstorming session. Send your booking by email to .

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As from € 100 per hour

Your benefits:

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room lay-out

The informal seating  and trendy look of the room encourage the cooperation between participants and stimulate their creativity.

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Innovative and
green technology

Thanks to a special technology, everyone can easily connect via smartphone, tablet or laptop. Flipcharts and post-it papers are no longer needed.

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Simple and efficient

The system is easy to use and offers endless space for ideas and notes. At the end of the session you will immediately receive all the notes in your mailbox.


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Remote participation
is possible

Participants who are not present in the room itself, can also take part in the brainstorming via a secure URL and a video conferencing tool.

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Working in the Tech.Lounge in Antwerp means meeting people, working in full concentration, being able to brainstorm creatively, all in one! We can work there in a private office, but colleagues often choose a flex desk in the coworking area. The Tech.Lounge is a nice and pleasant workplace, where it is fun to organise team meetings or creative brainstorming. The American diner is a spacious place, where you always spontaneously meet other coworkers!

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