Record a video in a recording studio in Brussels: ready in no time!

Not much time to make a professional video to announce an event, reinforce your training or introduce a new product? In our professional 'self-service' recording studio at Tech.Lounge Brussels, you have everything at hand.

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Record a video very easily

The Tech.Lounge recording studio is all about ease of use. With a few clicks and a short step-by-step plan you can create your own video with a fully customisable background (green screen).

Your advantages? Our AV specialist will help you get started if needed. After that, it’s all yours. Thanks to user-friendly high-tech equipment, you can immediately see the result of your recording. Not satisfied? Just start over. When you are finished, you can edit the video on your computer and easily create multiple videos that you can use, e.g. on your website, in your social media post or newsletter. 

Recording studio in Brussels


One video speaks louder than a 1000 words

It is impossible to imagine our lives without video, people love it. That is why an online video is an important tool to put your organisation, association or, why not, yourself, on the map.

Do you want people to find you  more easily on Google, give yourself a dynamic image or get a message across to your employees, customers or other people? Tech.Lounge is at your service!

What can you use the Tech.Lounge recording studio for:

  • Social media posts
  • Livestream
  • Vlog
  • Event announcement
  • Training (e-learning)
  • Employee induction
  • Product demonstration
  • Interview
  • Media training
  • ...

Video studio Brussels with green screen

A green screen (or green key wall) is almost indispensable for making a professional video. The green key wall provides a fully customisable background. For example, you can replace a 'messy' background with a clean environment or put yourself in a tropical setting. Please send us your images (including moving ones) in advance!

What does the Tech.Lounge recording studio cost?

You can book the recording studio in Tech.Lounge Brussels as from €300/hour. For this price you can make and upload your videos 'from scratch'. So there is no need to hire an expensive video crew. See the prices.

10 tips for recording your video

  • Grab the attention! Quickly and in the first seconds.
  • Choose one message and focus on atmosphere and brand experience.
  • Make sure your video inspires, motivates, stimulates or makes people smile.
  • Always ask yourself: is my video likeable and/or shareable?
  • In any case, choose quality over quantity.
  • Think carefully about the point you want to make, without memorising the whole story.
  • A mistake or slip of the tongue is not a problem at all.
  • Pretend you are talking to a friend, it is much more natural.
  • The best way to learn something is to just do it.
  • Something that feels uncomfortable is always exciting. Don’t get discouraged!


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The Tech.Lounge is an innovative and inspring work environment, in full sync with our organisation's mission and activities. We are proud to receive our members and guests here.

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