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No doubt, content is still king. But who says you have to produce lengthy texts? Luckily, there’s a refreshing alternative to written wisdom: the podcast. And we’ve got good news, because you can also start yours - effortlessly.

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Why should you create a podcast?

The podcast has long been a familiar medium in coaching and entertainment circles. However, content that gets people talking is suitable for anyone who has something to say. Maybe you are...

  • an experienced entrepreneur who wants to share their wisdom or lessons learned?
  • a start-up entrepreneur who enjoys gathering content in alternative ways?
  • An enterprising talent who is not fond of writing, but definitely articulate?
  • A progressive out-of-the-box thinker who wants some extra emphasis on their thought leadership?

The power of a podcast

Your own podcast offers heaps of possibilities and advantages. After all, spoken content is a must in today’s diversified marketing strategy. There is a skill to getting your message out on as many channels as possible. Our skill is to support you in the best way.

We would like to list the main plus points of the podcast here:

A (much) greater reach

No matter how cleverly written your blogs, white papers and newsletters may be: are you sure they are being read effectively? Right to the end? And who reads them?

A podcast is extremely accessible. They are consumed in huge volumes every day, during exercise, in the car, or to break the monotony of household chores. People love interesting facts, but not everyone loves (long) reads. Thanks to the accessible podcast, your auditory-minded fellow humans can enjoy your content too, without having to sit and read.


Podcast interview


Spread the word

Most podcasts are in interview format. You come up with a captivating topic and invite an interesting speaker who is keen to share their knowledge with you. The conversation will give you both ample opportunity to delve deeply into the subject matter, significantly enriching the relationship with both your guest and the audience. No superficial Tweet culture, no; an in-depth analysis in a relatively short time.

What’s more, there is a realistic chance that your guest will want to share your podcast with their own network too. Extra exposure - for free!

Countless possibilities

Because this is the easy way to create long-form content, your options keep expanding. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time: a podcast can be a perfect link with a previously written blogpost, to delve further into the topic, to make the storyline available in spoken form, to break down a story in fragments or chapters, etc. From a marketing point of view, this is the perfect tool to stay visible and top-of-mind!

So much more personal

Let’s be honest: listening to people having a conversation is much more personal than processing letters and numbers on paper or screen. It feels like you are joining them at the table, like a silent observer who closely listens to the speakers. This closeness creates great trust and also makes your message much more personal.


Personal discussions on podcast


Don’t know where to start? A good idea is often the best start. Contact us without obligation and share your thoughts and ideas. We would love to work on a proposal that suits you.

A podcast at Tech.Lounge is this simple

Stage fright? Performance anxiety? Scared of the unknown? No need: our experts will gladly take you by the hand and lead you through Podcastland. If you want to, that is: the studio is also perfectly suitable for self-service! Whether you are a complete novice or a dab hand: everyone can make a podcast here. Co-working space Tech.Lounge is your one-stop-shop.

High-quality installation

Our high-tech recording studio means you can rely on excellent sound quality. No ambient noise, but professional equipment and of course: experts are always on hand. What can we offer you?

  • Five connected microphones (handy for your guest speakers!)
  • An exceptionally user-friendly mixing desk
  • The choice of a number of freely available jingles
  • The classics: a laughing audience, applause,
  • A simple toolkit for editing (cutting and pasting is allowed)
  • If required: seamless support, from your idea right to the end result.

After recording and editing, you simply and easily transfer your podcast episode to a USB stick, to let it run wild in all your networks and far beyond. 


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Our all-in-service

Your podcast talents absolutely deserve the expert support you have come to expect from Tech.Lounge. It goes without saying that we are here for you if you have any questions about the equipment or technical support. But we like to go the extra mile and help you create your entire strategy.

What do you want to achieve? Who do you want to reach? What would you like to talk about? Our experts will teach you clever tricks - using their experience to help you with what works well and what doesn’t. You can count on expert advice about the structure of a captivating conversation, the integration within your total marketing strategy, links with your other channels. etc.

What do you think? Will you come and give it a go? You’re more than welcome! Contact us here for a short, no-obligation demo that shows you around the equipment and the technology, so you get a good idea of the look & feel.


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The Tech.Lounge offers the personal space, safety and hygiene that the new working reality demands while maintaining the office's social function.
It is a cosy place to be with many supporting facilities such as meeting rooms, a classroom and a Do-IT-Yourself recording studio.
We also enjoy a first-class service from the administrative and technical BluePoint staff.

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