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Tech.Lounge – the name says it all – is a multifunctional coworking space packed with technology. Entrepreneurs who come here to cowork enjoy the latest plug & play office technology, high-speed Wi-Fi, a recording studio podcast & green key and audio acoustic sitting areas. Everything is tip-top when it comes to IT security. And behind the technology… lies a friendly and helpful team.

Give your company a high-tech feel

Innovation and technology have changed and improved the way we work. A coworking space at Tech.Lounge gives your business a dynamic feel.


Technological coworking space in Antwerp and Brussels

Tech is top! The coworking spaces in Tech.Lounge Antwerp and Tech.Lounge Brussels are typically equipped with everything you need in a professional coworking environment.

  • Plug and play: Quick access to all print and scan functions so you can get started right away with a laptop.
  • High-speed Wi-Fi network: ‘iron’ Wi-Fi with an exceptionally high upload and download speed.
  • Technology in meeting rooms: simple connection with screens via laptop. Video-conferencing with excellent audio quality.
  • Classroom of the future: future-proof digital training room. Host training courses using the latest methods and with all the technological tools (learning tables).
  • Self-service recording studio: Podcast at Tech.Lounge Antwerp and videos at Lounge Brussels: make your own video. With some simple steps and just a few clicks, you can make your own videos and personalise the background.

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 podcast recording studio


Coworking space with secure IT network

IT security and cyber safety at work are more important than ever. You work with a fast and secure internet connection in the coworking spaces at Tech.Lounge. You can also use your own secure IT network to share documents, which is an absolute priority for smart and safe document management.

Tech.Lounge has a strict network security policy that all members are obliged to uphold.

Making videos in recording studio with green key

The recording studio at Tech.Lounge Brussels is inspired by today’s video and image culture. In this studio, you can make your own video in five easy steps, for example for your website, social media, event, or training course.

Thanks to the green key wall in the studio, you can personalise the background of your video and even show moving images. You can easily prepare the recording for social media or another online channel using the laptop in the studio. Ready for publishing!


recording studio with green key


Long live technology!

Tech.Lounge stimulates the senses as a creative hub.  At Tech.Lounge, both the high-tech infrastructure and technological feel of this coworking space, boost the efforts and creativity of your employees and teams. Thanks to tools for digital training courses and digital brainstorming sessions, you have every digital opportunity to accelerate projects and activities. 

Networking in a technology hub in Antwerp and Brussels

Technology lovers will feel truly at home in the ‘shared office’ work space at Tech.Lounge. Our coworkers enjoy endless opportunities to network, meet new people, and exchange expertise with other coworkers from the most diverse sectors.

Coworking in a technology environment?

Discover the Tech.Lounge coworking space (and the friendly team behind the technology) via or call +32 2 706 88 00.

The Tech.Lounge in BluePoint Antwerp is an innovative and inspiring work environment.
It is a very pleasant place to hold meetings with colleagues but also to receive clients.
Everything is there, catering, technology and even relaxation possibilities.

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