Coworking spaces: the dream ‘office’ for start-ups

Tech.Lounge and start-ups are made for each other. Our coworking spaces in Antwerp and Brussels offer a creative and high-tech workplace, useful contact with other coworkers, and flexible rental contracts for many starters and entrepreneurs. Plus the occasional game of billiards!


Coworking space for starters in Antwerp and Brussels

As a start-up or scale-up, you’ll find every opportunity here to launch or to grow your business. With its coworking spaces, virtual offices, meeting rooms, and permanent private offices, Tech.Lounge is the ideal place for up-and-coming entrepreneurs to work and collaborate. Ready to conquer the world!




Shared offices: ideal start-up office space

Our shared offices in Antwerp and Brussels provide 2,300 m² of coworking space. So there’s plenty of room!

Both Tech.Lounges are on the edge of the city and are far more than just a coworking space. See the opportunities at Tech.Lounge Brussels and Tech.Lounge Antwerp.

A quick round of billiards

The Tech.Lounges feature billiards, gaming zone, garden, patio, and lounges. Perfect for a quick round of billiards, a relaxing moment on the patio or rooftop terrace, or an informal chat by the trendy airstream caravan in the communal areas. We have excellent free coffee and (flavoured) water!

Prices and facilities

Pool table


Why start-ups choose Tech.Lounge

  • Financial stability and flexible rental terms
    It is cheaper to rent a Tech.Lounge coworking space than a traditional office. Not only that, the terms of renting coworking spaces are flexible: you can rent a coworking desk wherever and whenever you want.
  • ‘Tech’ appearance
    Our coworkers receive their customers and suppliers in a professional and secure IT tech environment: plug & play, high-speed Wi-Fi, the latest office technology in meeting rooms, recording studio, and more.
  • Coworking and networking
    Our ‘shared offices’ are perfect for meeting other coworkers, entrepreneurial spirits, and investors. Our coworkers often team up, thus expanding their network. It’s easy to have a chat in the gaming zone or on the trendy rooftop patio in Antwerp or relaxing garden in Brussels.
  • Sustainability is key
    Charging points for electric cars, solar panels, energy-efficient lighting, and public transport right next door. Tech.Lounge is a sustainable coworking space.
  • Improving productivity
    Working together in a space with other inspiring people gives our start-ups extra energy. The productivity level is generally higher in a coworking space than in a traditional office.
  • Market testing
    Our versatile and economical coworking spaces make it easier for start-ups to test the market with less risk.
  • Lounge events
    Our dynamic team regularly organises the Tech.Lounge community events. The knowledge and contacts acquired at these events are always inspiring, and it is also the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better!

From coworking space to private office

Our coworking spaces are an interesting way for new businesses wishing to assess their potential to get started. After all, as your business grows, it’s only a small step to claim your very own Tech.Lounge office. Then there’s no need to change your address, which makes your life much easier.

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Start-up The Recruiters Academy: Professional coworking

Patricia Oeyen from The Recruiters Academy

The secret of a good recruiter? The Recruiters Academy knows all about it. Patricia Oeyen has her office at Tech.Lounge and is full of praise: “Tech.Lounge Antwerp offers everything we need. An inspiring environment, good Wi-Fi, a rooftop patio for a relaxing lunch, and a professional setting. But the best part is the fantastic support from the professional staff.”

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Coworking in a high-tech environment to give your start-up an extra boost?

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The Tech.Lounge offers us everything we need: an inspiring work environment, good wifi, a roof terrace for a relaxing lunch and everything we need professionally to do our work.  And as the icing on the cake: great support from the professional staff.

Patricia Oeyen
The Recruiters Academy

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