Flexible workplace:
ever considered a coworking space?

Coworking spaces are becoming a viable alternative to working at an office or working from home. At Tech.Lounge, you will find the better balance between working in an open shared office and in closed spaces.

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Coworking as an alternative to working from home

The Tech.Lounge coworking spaces in Antwerp and Brussels are not only interesting for starters and small SMEs. They also fit perfectly into the hybrid story of companies which, in addition to working in one central office with a host of facilities, also want to invest in workspaces tailored to their staff, because these coworking places happen to be close to the employees' home, for instance.

Tech.Lounge coworking prices and facilities

 Flexible coworking

Flexible working at the office, at home or ... in a coworking space!

  • Offices are the meeting place of employees, suppliers, customers and have a primarily social function.
  • Working from home gives employees autonomy and responsibility. The downside is that home workers find it difficult to maintain a good work-life balance, for example.
  • Coworking spaces such as Tech.Lounge offer a stimulating way of working in an open space (shared office), meeting rooms to get together and cosy places to take a break or meet other coworkers.

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The 8 advantages of coworking

  1. Plug in and work
    Our fully-furnished coworking spaces are equipped with the latest technology. You can just come in and get started.
  2. Secure and ergonomic working
    Tech.Lounge offers an IT-secured working environment with the possibility of a dedicated network for secure sharing of documents. Ergonomic office chairs, sitting benches and sitting balls make sure you work under the best ergonomic circumstances.
  3. Structure in your work
    Working from home is not always easy when your TV, pets, bed and family are around. Keeping your work and home life separate makes it easier to bring structure into your life.
  4. High productivity
    Research shows that people who use coworking spaces are more efficient because of the energy they get from interacting in a coworking environment. Bonus at Tech.Lounge: you have access to fully equipped meeting rooms that help you make the right impression on clients and relations.
  5. Social contact at an external office
    At Tech.Lounge you can talk to others and get new ideas. Entrepreneurial spirit is contagious, and larger companies can learn from starters and freelancers, and vice versa.
  6. Growth of network and business
    At Tech.Lounge coworking, you easily get to know new coworkers or colleagues and you have every opportunity to make new acquaintances.
  7. Flexible coworking leases
    Whether you want to concentrate for an entire day to work on your prospects or have a job interview with a candidate, Tech.Lounge offers a solution for every situation. You can rent a desk for a few days a week, possibly combined with a well-equipped office space for your appointments. The flexible Tech.Lounge rental contracts are an alternative to long leases.
  8. Cost-efficient
    Start-ups or freelancers already have enough expenses to worry about. By renting a coworking space, they save on fixed costs.

Coworking in Antwerp and Brussels

A coworking space nearby is a win-win for employee and employer. Just choose the branch that is most convenient for you. Our offices in Antwerp and Brussels include facilities such as parking, catering, strong WiFi, printing and video studio.

Tech.Lounge is tailored to the lifecycle of your business

Our rooms can be fully adapted to the life stage of your business. For example, start-ups can get started with a virtual office, an ideal formula for entrepreneurs who no longer want to receive their customers in their own living room. At a later stage, you can move into a Tech.Lounge coworking office, and even later into a permanent Tech.Lounge office.

Is your business expanding or contracting? No worries, also in this case you don't have to rent another office or worry about furniture and equipment.


Renting a coworking space?

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The Tech.Lounge in BluePoint Antwerp is an innovative and inspiring work environment.
It is a very pleasant place to hold meetings with colleagues but also to receive clients.
Everything is there, catering, technology and even relaxation possibilities.

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