Looking for a coworking space in Antwerp or Brussels?

Tech.Lounge offers trendy and innovative coworking spaces in Antwerp and Brussels.

The advantage of working in a coworking place is that, in addition to your own workplace, you can use all the other rooms and facilities of the coworking space. You also have access to other useful areas and pleasant relaxation zones.

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The coworking formulas at Tech.Lounge

All coworking formulas at Tech.Lounge go with a number of credits to use the private meeting rooms, located in the coworking space. Coworkers also have the opportunity to use the brainstorming room, where the exchange of ideas is fully digitalized.

Next to technology, Tech.Lounge puts many efforts into hospitality for the shared workspaces. In addition to free coffee and water, we also provide tailor-made catering for your meetings.

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As from € 30 per day or  € 295 per month

Your benefits:

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Various coworking

Daily or monthly, with the choice between a freely selectable desk or a personalized fixed workstation in the coworking zone.

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work zones

Spaces for concentration and group work, formal and informal conversations and even for relaxation in a cozy lounge with fireplace and billiard table.

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Food truck &
catering area

Trendy airstream caravan in the middle of the coworking space with excellent coffee and (flavoured) water, offered to you free of charge.


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Brainstorming area
& recording studio

Make use of the high-tech brainstorming room and the easy-to-use video recording studio for all your projects at discounted rates.



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The Tech.Lounge is an innovative and inspring work environment, in full sync with our organisation's mission and activities. We are proud to receive our members and guests here.

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