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Tech.Lounge: A flexible coworking space
close to the heart of Brussels or Antwerp

The coworking spaces at Tech.Lounge provide everything companies need to succeed in the Belgian capital.

Located on the fourth floor of the BluePoint Brussels Center close to the dynamic Mediapark complex, Tech.Lounge is within easy reach of both Brussels Airport and the city's European hubs. It offers a modern, attractive venue for meetings, office space and general coworking, with spaces for small, medium and large teams alike.

 techlounge agoria bluepoint co working


Book the perfect coworking space for your team.


Turn talent into great ideas with the coworking spaces at Tech.Lounge

The 1,200 square metres of co working space at Tech.Lounge has been sub-divided intelligently to create productive environments. There are 60 flexible workstations and 12 private offices, along with special features that set the facility apart.

For instance, 150 square metres of the facility have been converted into the "Classroom of the Future." Equipped with an 84-inch interactive whiteboard, a 55-inch interactive table and acoustic furniture, the classroom has been specially designed for blended learning in this collective work space, with the aim of encouraging collaboration and information sharing.

Tech.Lounge is also the ideal coworking space for international organisations, start-ups and scale-ups in Brussels. The recording studio has been set up to allow tenants to produce high-quality video as quickly as possible - ideal for creating social media content in a fast-moving world.



A coworking space where everyone can chill out while they work

However you choose to use it, Tech.Lounge is the kind of coworking space which promotes relaxation and clear thinking. Tenants can dine at two on-site restaurants, unwind in a replica of a classic American Airstream caravan or play some pool in between meetings. And during meetings, the brainstorming arena includes a 4.36 metre wide Nureva Span screen, creating an inspirational environment for imaginative thinking.

 techlounge agoria bluepoint co working

Whatever your line of business, Tech.Lounge offers:

  • 1,200 square metres of fully equipped offices close to the heart of Brussels
  • A mix of working and recreation spaces that encourages collaboration
  • Media production and digital training facilities if required
  • Essential extras like high speed wi-fi, on-site restaurants and centralised reception

It all adds up to a cutting edge facility for all kinds of business.