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Why your company should start a podcast !

Did you know that almost 75% of podcast listeners is actively looking for valuable information and want to learn new things. Therefore, podcasting is a great way to reach a busy audience who’s looking for information to keep all of them entertained.

For experts and industry leaders, podcasts offer a unique experience to provide valuable, in-depth information to their audience. Beyond short-form content like social media or blog posts, a podcast's long-form format allows you to cultivate a deeper relationship with your audience and grow your reach to new listeners at the same time.

Incorporating podcasting into your company’s marketing benefits your company. If you’re passionate about being an industry thought leader and want to provide valuable content to your audience, podcasting might be the right choice for you.

If you're on the fence about starting a podcast, here are six reasons why you should consider it.

1. Quick to Digest

Whether one is commuting, working out or taking a jog in the park – podcasts can prove to be the perfect companion. That is the beauty of this format. 

In a world where people are racing against time owing to their busy schedules, this snackable content format allows them to consume it at their own convenience and multi-task while they are at it.

2. Easy to create

Let's get this point out of the way early. Starting a podcast sounds like a complicated venture, but in reality it requires a minimal up-front investment and is surprisingly easy to implement. No, you don’t have to be a technology whiz to start a podcast channel. 

The first step is to find your niche and define what your podcast will be about. Once you define that, you will be able to work on a content plan and schedule.  Don’t worry if you are a one man army, you can still put up a great solo show. It all boils down to creating engaging and valuable content, consistently.  Next up is selecting the hosting platform and right equipment to start your podcast channel. So while you focus on content, don’t forget to consider the technical aspects too. 

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 3. It allows you to produce long-form content.

In a world of information overload, we are bombarded with short-form content. Tweets, blog posts, news articles, and videos are meant to provide audience's with quick bursts of information and play a vital role in creating continued touch points between businesses and their audiences. But where blog posts and social media are limited to a few hundred words, or 140 characters, a podcast allows you to go deeper into your content.

4. You're supporting your partners.

The most common format for a podcast is an interview. As the host of your own show, bringing guests on to interview allows you not only to expand the information you're providing to your audience by tapping into your guest's expertise but also to support industry partners. By asking someone to be a guest on your show, you're giving them access to your audience, potentially helping your guest grow their reach. Likewise, if your guests promote the episode to their followers, you also tap into their audience. Both you and your guests can benefit from the added exposure, and by thinking of them as a guest you may also deepen your professional relationship with them as well.

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5. Reach your critical audiences

Consumers prefer easy-to-digest information, and podcasts are available on-demand practically anywhere. For many people, it’s easier to hit a play button and listen-in while working, exercising, or doing chores than it is to make time to read a book or weekly blog post. Listeners are also more likely to develop a relationship with the hosts when connecting with them and their voices.

Once your audience establishes a relationship with you, the group will be more likely to trust you as an industry expert and recommend your podcast to others. As your audience grows, so does your potential for more business contact and revenue.

6. Repurposing content

Your company has probably already jumped on the blogging trend.  Which is great because blogging is still one of the best ways to build an online brand and improve your search engine rankings.
Blogging means creating in-depth, long-form and engaging blog posts. I’m talking 4,000 word articles filled with custom illustrations and personal stories. And without even realizing it, you’re actually been writing scripts for video all this time.  All you actually still have to do is to pick up a microphone and read your blogs with enthusiasm. Then create some engaging visuals to accompany it.
Every blog post you write, can have a video version to accompany it.  To make a podcast episode, all you have to do is strip the audio from the video, add an intro and outro, make a few edits and bam. A new podcast episode is ready for consumption.

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So, what are you waiting for?

There are many benefits to starting a podcast. If you have the content to support it and some time to dedicate toward recording and promoting your content, a podcast can go a long way toward growing your brand.

Imagine thinking of an interesting topic, grabbing a mic and just having a great conversation – that is what podcasting essentially constitutes of.  When you are able to get rid of your inhibitions and fears, you realize podcasting can prove to be lots of fun. If you are someone who is passionate about certain topics and enjoys telling stories, this platform is for you.

Just keep your audience in the heart of everything you do, do your homework and keep the conversation going!

Podcasting is a great way to reach your audience right now. You have the knowledge and experience that others are looking for, so it’s time to get in front of a microphone.


Are you determined to start your own podcasting adventure?

If you also are planning to create some amazing podcasts, hiring a professional podcast studio can be a great option.  And that’s why BluePoint Antwerp has opened up its own professional podcast studio!

A lot of people who want to record podcasts are often put off because they do not have the technical skills. Or have made a podcast, experienced bad quality and other issues which brings the morale down.  Hiring the professional BluePoint podcast recording studio can solve this concern. You can record a high-quality podcast without needing much or any technical skills. An engineer will help set up the equipment and also guide you through the recording process.

If you want a high-quality recording, your studio must be spacious. A professional podcast studio is created with this vision in mind, and this is why they are spacious. The studio ensures comfort so that the recording is of the highest quality. 

Professional equipment is of utmost importance for recording a podcast. It can be expensive to get state-of-the-art equipment. With our professional podcast studio, this isn’t an issue. Your session comes with premium microphones, to ensure professional sound quality.

Furthermore, noise can sometimes be an issue when recording at a home podcast studio. Our professional podcast recording studios is acoustically treated or soundproofed. This stops outside noises from getting into your recording.


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