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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic with temporary lockdown and mandatory homeworking, more and more CEOs of large companies are encouraging their staff to work remotely. However, mobile working involves more than just homeworking.  Internet giants such as Twitter, Microsoft, Google and Amazon are pioneers of the 'work remotely anywhere' strategy, and have long been committed to using business centres and coworking spaces as working environments for their employees. The pandemic means that other companies are now also questioning the traditional offices

Now that our economy is bracing itself for a very difficult period, the demand for large office space is decreasing as more and more companies have to reduce their costs.  Today, offices are minimally occupied and the once buzzing office hubs have turned into ghost towns.

It is clear that COVID-19 has challenged the traditional concept of 'offices' around the world.  The pandemic is acting as a kind of catalyst for new business decisions and is also highlighting the many benefits of coworking spaces. In the past it was mainly entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers and SMEs who found their way to a coworking space, but in the future larger companies, looking for sustainability and more balance for their staff, will also be much more interested in the possibilities of coworking. Recently, the company Siemens also announced its revolutionary strategy with regard to mobile working and the use of coworking spaces.

What are the advantages?

1. A productive workplace

Mobile working has been around for a long time, but why not also give employees the opportunity to work where they can be most productive?
In the meantime, everyone has found that working from home mainly involves a lack of social contacts. Alienating employees from work and from colleagues, but also the lack of regular face-to-face meetings with customers and prospects is a risk to the wellbeing of a company.
Coworking spaces create a vibrant community and offer spaces where people can be creative on the one hand and spaces where they can recharge their batteries on the other hand, such as gaming rooms and relaxation areas. Everything is considered (facility services, meeting rooms and catering) so that coworkers can focus on their own professional activities while still maintaining sufficient social contacts with like-minded people and entrepreneurs.  Coworking areas are also usually trendy, offering a young and dynamic image and are perfect for receiving customers and prospects.

2. Reduced rental costs

No one can now say with certainty when the empty chairs in an office will be permanently manned again. CEOs can therefore see the potential savings they can now make on existing office buildings and staff facilities services.
No additional investment is needed to operate a cafeteria, meeting rooms and their technological equipment, nor for facility services. After all, these are taken over by the managers of the business centers and coworking spaces.
In a coworking space, a company can also grow perfectly without incurring excessive costs.

3. Positive impact on mobility, sustainability and work-life balance.

Because employees have the choice of working from a nearby coworking space, CEOs take their social responsibility and actively contribute to the climate objectives and the improvement of mobility.

4. Attract and retain new talent from all corners of the country

Today, and especially in the current context, there are many companies that understand that if their employees work in a coworking space, it is extremely beneficial for both the employee and the company. It enables them to attract and retain talent. They will see it as an opportunity to work in a comfortable, ergonomic and networking-friendly environment. This is due in part to the shared relaxation areas and the events offered on site. This networking will obviously be beneficial to companies.

By allowing your staff to work in shared workspaces, you enable them to achieve greater productivity. They can also have opportunities to learn new skills, build new networks and achieve a healthier work-life balance.  In addition, a company can also recruit much more widely when employment contracts no longer depend on fixed workplaces, resulting in a much larger recruitment pool for companies.

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Is your company ready for an HR revolution and the use of coworking spaces?

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