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Tech.Lounge: a sustainable coworking space

Charging points for electric cars, solar panels, energy-friendly lighting and an aversion to plastic waste. Coworking space Tech.Lounge is serious about the environment. This is not just a place where our coworkers feel at home. It is also a place where they can be focused and creative, work in a 100% eco-friendly and sustainable high-tech environment.

Due to the recent climate upheavals and the global attention for everything that is happening to our planet, the climate and environmental issues are (finally) getting the attention they deserve. This is also true at coworking space Tech.Lounge, which has been known for some time as one of the most sustainable coworking places in Antwerp & Brussels. As a starter, entrepreneur, SME, multinational or federation, all the tools you need to do your job in a planet-friendly way are available here.

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Sustainable coworking, what does it mean for Tech.Lounge?

Sharing of workstations (shared office)

If you are looking for a sustainable coworking space in Antwerp or Brussels, you will quickly stumble upon Tech.Lounge. Coworkers share a workspace, supplies and tools, which results in less elementary waste. Without these coworking spaces, businesses would now be working in their separate offices, which would have increased the use of additional office space. Check out the prices of workstations here.

Tech.Lounge is an all-inclusive working environment, which provides all facilities such as meeting rooms, private offices and lounge areas. Thanks to flexible rental periods, you can easily adapt your workplace to your company’s growth phase. No need to move to another location every time you need more or less space, for whatever reason. Just switch to a smaller or larger environment in Tech.Lounge. This is flexible working, while you can do your bit for sustainability by minimising the use of the rooms.


A shared office


Green commuting

Our promise of an eco-conscious workplace translates into the proximity of metro, train and bus stations in Antwerp and Brussels. Because our coworking spaces can easily be reached by public transport, they also reduce polluting work traffic and CO2 emissions.

Additionally, you have the choice to let your employees work closer to home (a few days a week) in a coworking space, which also reduces driving times and emissions. 

The Tech.Lounge coworking spaces consist of:

  • A parking for bicycles and electric scooters
  • New charging stations for electric cars
  • Electric scooters for coworkers who need to run a quick errand

Avoid plastic waste

We want to produce as little waste as possible at Tech.Lounge coworking. Our coworkers use filtered tap water and reusable glass water bottles. In this way, we avoid plastic waste.

Coffee machine with organic beans

Coffee and coworking are inseparable (for some, an indispensable condition). Our coffee machines reduce waste production to a minimum. We only use fair trade organic coffee, i.e. coffee for which everyone in the chain receives a fair price.


Sustainable at work


Recycling in coworking spaces

Our coworking areas and also our kitchens and lounges have recycling bins for residual waste, PMD and paper. We are not a fan of disposables: we use normal plates and cutlery at lunch, and we prefer mugs to disposable ones. 

In cooperation with Recupel, we collect e-waste and batteries. We participate in the international 'E-waste day' every year and raise awareness for recycling, energy consumption and waste sorting among coworkers and employees with posters, newsletters and social media. 

Being economical with water and electricity

We are strong believers in energy-efficiency and water-saving. Our water-saving taps and low-flush toilets reduce water consumption.

Unnecessary lighting is wasteful, right? Motion sensors ensure that our workplaces are not unnecessarily illuminated when nobody is using them.

And also:

  • Energy-friendly LED lighting with a longer service life
  • Plenty of natural light in our coworking spaces, optimal for people’s health
  • Solar panels on the roof

Green Key label

The international Green Key label gives direction to our mission of eco-friendly work. Tech.Lounge Antwerp and Tech.Lounge Brussels, both located at BluePoint, were both awarded this label for eco-friendly coworking and meeting spaces. What do we do?

  • Raise awareness of employees to take care of the environment
  • Ecological cleaning products
  • Renovation projects that take the eco-label into account.
  • As little waste as possible
  • Biodegradable packaging

Do you have an idea? Feel free to share it!

Do you also want to contribute in making our coworking space even greener? Share your ideas via Together we will build the coworking space that represents both you and us is the best possible way.

A practical tip

With a Tech.Lounge subscription you have access to our coworking spaces in Antwerp and Brussels. Increase your productivity with our flexible coworking formulas!

On 1 January 2022 we moved to a new location in the BluePoint business centre in Berchem. The management team of CSM Ingredients Benelux (BE) BV opted for a different approach to work. Due to the pandemic we all had to work at home a lot. It was therefore a good momentum to move to a smaller location. We haven't regretted the switch to Tech.Lounge for a minute: away from the busy port and working at a greener location from now on!

Judith Fordyn
CSM Ingredients

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