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Coworking spaces in corona times:
ideal for your work/life balance!

Are you also so tired of homeworking that you can no longer see the line between your working day and your time off? Are you finding it difficult to put work to one side? Working in a coworking space such as Tech.Lounge Brussels or Tech.Lounge Antwerp is your best corona measure ever. Because 

Coworking means networking: we want to see people

This can range from a video meeting to a virtual coffee break. We update each other now and then by email or app … In recent years we have possibly all experienced such scenarios, and that is something that does not bring us joy. According to Sciensano 68% of people are dissatisfied with their physical social contact during a lockdown (source: We all want to see people again live and greet them how we are used to.

In the coworking space Tech.Lounge you meet new, active people.
You respect the 1.5 metre distance rule and again enjoy a face-to-face chat.

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Coworking is good for the work/life balance

A good alternating rhythm between work in the home and work at the office or an external location is important for your work/life balance. The large majority of employees see one to two days a week of working from home as ideal. This is because your workdays drag on when you work full-time from home. Productivity and creativity decline, you are more often distracted and take less time to relax. We need a place where we can work with concentration and productively more than ever. This calls for a coworking space.


Coworking space = less stress

A better work/life balance means less stress. Besides yourself this is also the case for your colleagues. In Covid 19 times coworking boosts the involvement of your team. The best insight and decisions come about during meetings, a chat at the coffee-maker or during a relaxing break, so not at home behind your desk (source:

This is what our coworkers think about Tech.Lounge

Coworken and destressing: time for an informal chat

There is no better way to destress in these times full of video calls and busy mail traffic than a carefree game of billiards. At Tech.Lounge we have billiards, a food truck, informal seating areas and lounges, all ideal opportunities for a chat with other coworkers. You would be amazed how easily you make new contacts with other coworkers here.

Coworking Tech.Lounge: just like at the office

Our Tech.Lounge coworking spaces in Brussels and Antwerp offer teleworkers a professional yet affordable workplace with all the provisions of an office, including reception, kitchen, restaurant, business services, meeting halls and training spaces, recording studios, relaxation areas and car parking.

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You work in all safety at a coworking space

Coworking easily adapts to the new (post-covid) way of working. Social distancing is integrated in the layout of the space, with break-out and flexible spaces where you can work in all safety. Tech.Lounge Brussels and Tech.Lounge Antwerp manage all safety procedures so your work area is as corona-proof and hygienic as possible.

Working flexibly in Antwerp or Brussels

Coworking spaces with various sites such as Tech.Lounge offer options for commuting to and from work. You choose the establishment close to you and work where it suits you best.

The flexible Tech.Lounge rental contracts are also an alternative to long rental agreements. Whether you hire an office for one or two days a week, or need a well-equipped space for your meetings with customers, coworking spaces offer a solution for any situation.

Is your company getting bigger or smaller? In these uncertain Covid-19 times many companies are restructuring themselves. Fortunately coworking spaces are fully flexible.  With more or fewer personnel you do not have to hire another location or concern yourself with furnishings and equipment.

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Get to know the Tech.Lounge Brussels and Tech.Lounge Antwerp coworking spaces

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At Tech.Lounge we offer comfortable and well-equipped coworking spaces in Antwerp and Brussels
More info? Discover coworking Tech.Lounge at or phone +32 2 706 88 00 


I found the ideal mix for successful co-working at Tech.Lounge. You have quiet places to work when you need full concentration, but also places where there are always people around when you need them. The facilities, such as meeting rooms, green wall recording equipment, coffee corners and lounge areas are contemporary and the Tech.Lounge team is always there to answer your questions with a smile on their faces!  A pleasant working environment in all circumstances, certainly also for brainstorming with other co-workers about an issue you are facing.

Eric Morren

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