Coworking space Tech.Lounge fires up your inspiration

Coworking space Tech.Lounge fires up your inspiration


Everyone knows that not every workplace is the same. Just like good preparation, the environment can have a strong impact on the result of your work. Are you looking for a high-tech working environment that will challenge your own and your project team’s mind? An off-site location to discuss your business strategy? Coworking space Tech.Lounge breathes creative coworking and provides all the technology for a meeting, including a ROI!

Tech.Lounge triggers the senses as a ‘creative hub’

Putting our heads together off-site helps us to work out a project collaboratively. The creative environment at coworking space Tech.Lounge ensures an energetic start of your meeting, stimulates curiosity and provides inspiration. Book your workplace with meeting room at Tech.Lounge Antwerp or Brussels now! Ideal for:

  • Project preparation and development
  • Brainstorming with your team about strategy and approach
  • Coordinating meetings with team leaders, department heads, site managers, ...
  • Meeting with external salespeople, consultants, suppliers, advisors, …
  • Team building
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A creative coworking space at Tech.Lounge


Getting out of the office = creative coworking

It has been proven that people who use an off-site location, tend to see things from a different perspective and actively participate in a discussion. Getting away from the routine and letting go of the day-to-day business is considered particularly refreshing and guarantees creative coworking.

Why working and meeting at Tech.Lounge will inspire you:

  1. Outside meetings give a sense of importance

    A change of venue can produce unexpected and impressive results. The participants are better prepared and more committed than when you use the same environment over and over again.


  2. Coworking space Tech.Lounge boosts creativity

    A change of physical environment can make a huge difference when brainstorming about new ideas. If you always use the same workspace, you deprive the brain of this stimulus.


  3. Nothing beats face-to-face networking

    Being in the same room together is really important. You can pick up on non-verbal signals that are easily missed in an online chat or phone call.


High-tech work in a creative hub

The high-tech infrastructure of Tech.Lounge and the ‘tech feel’ stimulate commitment and creativity:

High-tech work in a creative hub


Digital brainstorming arena

The Tech.Lounge brainstorming arena is a circular room with all modern technology for brainstorming sessions. No need to use post-its here: the smartphone leads the way. The eye-catcher is a large touchscreen that can be operated by several people simultaneously.

Equally revolutionary: people who are not present in the room itself can participate interactively from a distance and help control the touch screen. The inventive system offers integrated video conferencing options with excellent audio quality.


Digitale brainstorming arena


Meet the Tech.Lounge coworking community

Who said that the best ideas come from a moment of relaxation? Our Tech.Lounges have billiards, a food truck, informal seating areas and lounges. Ideal for a quiet moment or an informal chat with your colleagues or the other entrepreneurs and coworkers of the Tech.Lounge coworking community.

Do you want to collaborate in a high-tech environment and take your ideas to the next level?

Tech.Lounge Brussels and Tech.Lounge Antwerp are both located on the outskirts of the city and have ample parking space. Get to know our tech facilities at Tech.Lounge via or call: +32 2 706 88 00.

Tech.Lounge respects all social distancing requirements. Our catering concepts are safe, and we have invested in all the reliable tools for safe meetings.

As our team works remotely, I need a small office but also a place where I could occasionaly receive people in Brussels. The Tech.Lounge offers a good quality/price ratio and a nice working atmosphere. The personal attention of the staff is a delightful surprise!

Elisa Setién

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