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Coworking or a service office in a business centre?
What do you need to know!

When you are looking for a suitable office environment for your company, you are often bombarded with terms such as coworking, shared office buildings or serviced office, etc. You then quickly wonder to what extent these differ from each other. When talking about flexible workplaces, there is a wide range on the market with great differences. In order to find the best option, it is important to understand the subtle characteristics between coworking , a private office in a shared office building or a full service office.

Let's start with coworking.

Coworking spaces have been marketed as a kind of 'office of the future'. They are often a place where start-ups can build their professional network and where self-employed and freelancers can enjoy a better place to work than their own kitchen table.

It is often said that coworking has grown out of the tradition of business centres, which have been renting out service offices on a flexible basis for some time now.  Think for example of accountants and other professions who need an individual office to work and receive clients.  Those who do not want to deal with the administrative hassle of having their own office.

There are also those who say that coworking is a lifestyle, but beware, a coworking workplace should be able to offer more than just a trendy environment and good coffee.

A good coworking space must offer a fast and secure internet connection, as well as print facilities and 'turnkey' meeting facilities. There must also be sufficient space to network properly. Ideally, relaxation areas should also be available. In short, everything you need to work and network efficiently! It's very simple: just plug in your laptop and you're on your way!

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The main purpose of the layout of a coworking space is to promote contacts between people and companies thanks to the many shared spaces. The trendy and young environment boosts a company's image.

For a professional coworking space, you pay a monthly fee for an open workspace of your choice or a small private office located in the shared spaces.
The rental conditions are very flexible and you can rent your open work spaces on a daily basis.


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Business centers on the other hand, have been around much longer than coworking spaces and offer offices with a few communal areas. In addition to your own office and sanitary facilities, you usually have access to a shared kitchenette on your floor.

However, the biggest advantage of a business centre, which is often referred to as a shared office building, is its many support services and the ability to establish your business address there as well. The environment is professional and a receptionist will receive your visitors in a proper, professional manner and may even handle your telephone calls. Coworking spaces are less equipped for this.


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Business centres often offer other services such as catering facilities, cleaning services, IT support and other services, making this type of office the ideal solution especially for smaller and growing companies and associations.  These organizations can then fully concentrate on their own professional activity.

When you choose a 'turnkey' office in a business centre, also known as a full serviced office, the furniture is already available for you. Another advantage is that your business can easily grow. If more space is needed, an internal relocation can be organized without too many worries.

For a serviced office you pay a monthly fixed 'all-in' fee on an annual basis. This means that you enjoy much more flexibility than when renting a classic office.


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Are you interested in one of these workplaces for your own company?

Then be sure to contact BluePoint before you decide which type of office is best for you.

BluePoint is a hybrid business centre that not only offers classic offices, but also shared service offices and even has a coworking space called Tech.Lounge.

At BluePoint/Tech.Lounge you can enjoy the benefits of both worlds and be guided by our office experts for the best choice!


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