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Coworking after COVID-19: Here’s why coworking is set to thrive !

Our daily lives will certainly be changed permanently by the current pandemic,
and coworking will be a key part of that.

As we look at the cities empty retail, office and workspaces, we have all been forced to rethink the way we live and do business, and we’re finding out what will work and what won’t for the future.

Some are realising that this is an opportunity to create a new way of life. Coworking provides unique benefits that will make it even more valuable and widespread as we recover and move forward. Employees begin looking towards what changes they can make in the future to balance health, safety, and productivity, coworking spaces have emerged as an unlikely hero.  For large and small businesses, entrepreneurs, employees and freelancers, coworking spaces will be the new normal.


What is coworking?

Coworking offers an alternative to traditional leases and work formats. Based on flexibility as the core value, businesses and individuals are able to sign up for short to medium term memberships to access spaces as they need and benefit from all the resources that come along with them.

Whether you’re looking for an office for your team, a single desk 1-2 days a week, or a well equipped space to hold socially-distanced meetings with clients, coworking spaces offer the perfect solution.

Many coworking spaces also include amenities in their memberships, with resources such as shared kitchen space, in-house restaurants, media studios, and otherfacilities all available for you to access !


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How are coworking spaces becoming safer in the future?

Coronavirus has created new social protocols (such as social distancing), hygiene expectations, and priorities for individuals and businesses.

Coworking spaces have been working to evolve, incorporating these new priorities and ensuring the member safety, health, and productivity into the future.

With new physical distancing signage, heightened cleaning schedules, availability of sanitiser and antibacterial products, coworking spaces have adapted each space to provide more space per person and a safer workday experience.

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Why are coworking spaces better for individuals and teams?

Coworking memberships are inclusive of all utilities, amenities, and maintenance costs.  They provide an alternative to long leases that don’t accommodate the flexibility required by businesses and individuals.

As we move into a new future, coworking has an immense benefit of providing adaptability, with social distancing incorporated into space layouts, and a variety of breakout and flexible spaces allow members to be part of a community while ensuring they can still stay safe and work productively.

Your coworking space will also manage all procedures, standards, and contractors, ensuring your space is as hygienic as possible, your coworkers and fellow members are educated on new guidelines, and resources are available to create a clean and safe space for you to work each day.


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Here are some reasons why coworking is thriving !

  • Remote working is more common

The need to socially distance during the COVID-19 pandemic saw an increase in remote working.
Some businesses have realised the benefits of remote working and are incorporating it into their long-term business strategies. Coworking spaces are an ideal place to work remotely and to continue social distancing.  Coworking overcomes the isolation of working from home and the risks of an office or commercial premises where social distancing is hard to implement.

  • Working from home isn’t always ideal

Some jobs aren’t as productive in a home environment and some workers find it difficult to concentrate at home.  It’s not easy to stay focused with distractions like children and pets, cooking and cleaning demanding your attention.  Coworking spaces offer remote workers a professional yet affordable workspace with all the amenities of an office.

  • Coworking spaces are more cost-effective than traditional office space

Renting office space is a huge expense for most businesses.  Coworking spaces offer a more affordable option and provide furniture, Wi-Fi, business services, access to meeting rooms and parking space.

  • Multiple coworking branches give better accessibility

Coworking companies with multiple branches offer more choice when commuting.  Employees can save time and money by choosing the nearest branch or the one with the fastest route.  This makes coworking the environmentally responsible office option.

  • Coworking spaces afford businesses greater flexibility

The aftermath of COVID-19 is an uncertain time which will force many companies to restructure.  Fortunately, coworking spaces are completely flexible.  If you need to upscale or reduce staff numbers, there’s no need to rent a different space or worry about furniture and equipment.


Coworking at Tech.Lounge!

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At Tech.Lounge we offer spacious, comfortable and  well-equipped coworking spaces in Antwerp & Brussels

Our coworking spaces are equipped with the latest technological applications. They offer fixed and flexible workspaces, private offices, meeting rooms, relaxation and networking areas, a brainstorming area, a recording studio and a fully digital training area

Get to know Tech.Lounge and its trendy workplaces! 
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